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  1. Where can I find the product guide documents, software for my product?

    We have all our product guides, software kept under the link called Downloads in the left side of this page. Please click on the download link on the left side and refer to all the reference material for your product.

  2. What is the warranty for my product?

    KINIVO provides one year Limited Hardware Warranty for the products. Please have a look on the link Warranty to know detailed and right information about warranty for your product.

  3. Where can I replace / repair my product or its part?

    Please have a look at the warranty details page for the repairing of your products or it's part.

  4. How can I contact KINIVO customer care?

    Please write to support@kinivo.com

  5. Where can I contact for technical queries?

    Please write to support@kinivo.com

  6. Where can I find specifications for my product?

    You will find all the specifications for product in the product guides under the Download page.


Support centers US


Email: support@kinivo.com

Web site: http://www.kinivo.com

Support timings: Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm PST